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- BIOFIT, America's favorite bra, is back and it's joining forces with Playboy to launch a new collection of intimate apparel centered on its customized push-up bra technology. Bendon Group (Bendon), the intimate apparel company behind the renowned BIOFIT bra technology, as well as international brands including Elle Macpherson Intimates and Stella McCartney Lingerie, is partnering with Playboy Enterprises (Playboy) for "BIOFIT x Playboy" – a co
Bras bring into question: What is 'cleavagely correct'?
The self-described “KFC heiress” is the granddaughter of the late Stanley Methven, the founder of a South African company that at one time supplied 90% of KFC’s chicken,

Eats Lingerie Blue Cherry Collection

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The campaign is all about the earthy terrain, that dusty feeling of being off the beaten track. Reminiscent of high-end fashion in the 80s and 90s, the photographs capture the vibrant color and details of the Blue Cherry Lingerie Collection against the muted backdrop with a strong focus on the stillness of nature.

Louisa Bracq SS21 Fury to Live

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This collection is entitled the “Fury to Live”, which is the French name for the movie “Rebel without a cause”, it’s a nod to this film shot in 1955, by director Nicholas Ray with James Dean as leading actor. Illustrating the idea of an excessive, sometimes exhilarating but dangerous lifestyle.
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