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madame methven



Latrodectus, is the definitive word for black widow that is compelling today’s world of haute couture with one differential factor, its tribute to a secret elite that enjoys the erotic thrill between male and female principals in an esoteric matter. Like all great artists, Paris-trained Lingerie Designer Kaila’s Latrodectus has woven a web of timeless intrigue and artistry by crafting each stunning piece into an exquisite collection — as if to consummate Quintessential style with fine intimates — awakening the Dominatrix in every woman.

Parisian-trained Fashion Designer Kaila Methven Weaves Female Power into Haute Couture Lingerie: Introducing Latrodectus Haute couture designer Kaila just announced plans to showcase introduce an all-new prêt a porter collection to compliment her high-end lingerie’s most recent haute couture release. Making definitive statements of female dominance, Methven’s custom-made pieces allude to the art of seduction while introducing a new approach to the representation of the dominatrix through live art.

Latrodectus first premiered on the runway of the California Riviera’s leading fashion retail market in the United States, Orange County Fashion Week. “Kaila Methven’s collection could potentially be the world’s most expensive lingerie, and we were compelled by the exquisite tribute it makes to women. There is both an elegance of vivacious dominance and beauty in the collection, and I believe that this line is exclusively for the leading lady who wishes to express that confidence with feminine prowess. It is unlike anything we’ve seen on the runways,” says Kathy Marino, president of OC Fashion Week® and founder of the Orange County Fashion Council.

Kaila’s interest in haute couture was sparked in the “City of Lights,” where at the age of 16 she interned at a Paris fashion show held at The Trocadero, home to the Palais de Chaillot. Trained in the art of design from the distinguished fashion institute Esmod, she went on to earn a Master’s Degree from the International Fashion Academy Paris and completed advanced training at Polymodo in Florence. When Kaila returned to Los Angeles in 2014, she had the passion to create, design and tailor luxurious lingerie with the powerful woman in mind. “As a designer trained in haute couture, you have to know how to shape the women’s body. In designing a made-to-order piece, I am careful to customize my clothing to suit women’s distinct body types and the looks they want to express,” explains Kaila. Kaila’s Latrodectus — named for the black widow spider and Greek for “biting in secret”— is compelling today’s world of haute couture to consider lingerie as a potent tribute to the esoteric eroticism between male and female principals.

The Paris-trained lingerie designer has woven themes of childlike innocence, erotic playfulness and female power into the finest lace and textiles from Paris, along with brocade corsets, jackets, and top hats. Her new bridal collection will combine an array of pearls and colors in a dichotomous expression of innocence in provocative high-end lingerie. “Kaila is an incredible fashion designer and we are so proud of her collection’s debut at Orange County Fashion Week®. Her launch is something we anticipate will make waves in the lingerie and fashion world and we can hardly wait for what the future holds for this brilliant mind,” Marino states.

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